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Olde Beginnings

I almost titled this "New Beginnings", but stopped and wondered why that phrase even exists. I mean, it's a beginning, so by definition, it's new, right? So I think Olde Beginnings makes more sense in a few ways.

This is a beginning, that's for sure. Something completely new and foreign to me - creating a nonprofit mobile thrift bus. What a crazy idea! But it's also an old beginning. This has been percolating in my mind for quite a few years now, ever since I adopted my old Treeing Walker Coonhound Penny. I've always been thinking, how can I help old companion animals a bit more than by just adopting them?

So after thinking about this for 14 years, and seeing a bunch of mobile shops from art stores to food trucks to new age tincture wagons, and after realizing I really don't have enough capital to create a brick and mortar thrift shop, it finally occurred to me that mobile is better.

So we found and "Olde" bus and I'm filling it with my "Olde" stuff to to sell to benefit senior animal shelters who help "Olde" companion animals.

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